ESS1045: Spirits & Demons - 5 Game Pack, Installation problem

This game does take a long time to install, and little progress may appear to be happening while each of the five games installs one after the other.

If you haven't already done so, try launching (one at a time - let each finish before starting the next) the five game installer separately through Windows File Explorer as follows:

  1. Insert the ESS1045 DVD.
    If Windows prompts you to select what you want to do with the disk, select "View files and folders".
    If Windows doesn't prompt you, press the "Windows" (in the lower left corner of the keyboard, often between "Ctrl" and "Alt") and "E" keys at the same time to open "Windows File Explorer and then select the DVD-ROM drive from the left column below the "My Computer", "Computer" or "This PC" heading
  2. Double click on each of the following files (which should be named on the right side of Windows File Explorer) to start that inidividual game's installer:
    • QueensQuestTowerofDarknessCollectorsEdition.exe
    • DemonHunter2ANewChapter.exe
    • TheOtherSideTowerofSouls.exe
    • DemonHunterChroniclesfromBeyondTheUntoldStory.exe
    • Houseof1000DoorsEvilInsideCollectorsEdition.exe

Whereas the individual game installation progress is hidden by the collective installer, when you run each separate game installer you can click the "Show Details" button to see more information - though each step can still be lengthy.

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