ESS677 Family Tree Legends, Registration fails “Waiting for server response”

If you see a dialog titled "Requesting Information from Server" showing text alternating between “Waiting for server response” and “Connecting to Server” with no outcome even after waiting a long time and, if you click “Cancel”, “Communications failure 145879 (cancelled)” is displayed...

This happens if you select the “Yes, I want Real-Time Internet Backup enabled” option during the registration process because the third party organisation that used to provide this facility (via is unfortunately no longer available – so the program will not receive the information it is waiting for.

Cancel the dialog and click “Back” (or restart the process) to reach the following page and select the “No” option:

Then click "Next" to continue and complete the registration wizard.


You can also disable this Internet Backup option while viewing a Family Tree as follows:

  1. Select the "Options, File Options" menu
  2. Select the "Internet Backup" tab
  3. Select the "No, do not enable Real-Time Internet Backup for this file"
  4. Click the "OK" button
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