ESS555 - Teaching-you 31 languages of the world

Q: In certain languages some of the fonts are not display correctly.

A: This problem may be seen if you run the software without restarting the computer when prompted at the end of the program installation.  Simply restart the computer and the problem should disappear.


Q: The software will not run after the installation.

A: Please try doing the following:

2. Open drive labelled "(C:)"
3. Open folder "PROGRAM FILES"
4. Open folder "TEACHING-YOU"
5. Open folder "TEACHING-YOU 31 LANGUAGES"
6. Open the file called "TEACHINGYOU.INI" (The icon for this file is a picture of a notepad with a yellow cog on it)
7. Edit the line: "IntroVideo=Demo1.avi" to "IntroVideo="
8. Close the file and save it.

Now you can run the software. If not:-

1. Make sure you have no anti-virus software running. Disable it before running the program. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to the documentation that came with your anti-virus program. For users of Norton Anti-Virus, right click on the Norton Anti-Virus icon in the task bar at the bottom right of the screen, and click Disable.

2. Click Start, then Run. Type in MSCONFIG and then press OK. On the general tab, click Selective Startup, then uncheck load startup group items. Click Apply then OK. Restart Windows, then load the program.


Q: I can't uninstall this program

A: We have an uninstaller tool that will uninstall the program from your PC.

Please download our uninstaller tool at the following link:-

Click here to download the uninstaller tool

Save the file on your desktop, then double click it to start. You will be presented with a long list of programs. Click the entry for your program, then click Next and follow the prompts through to completion.

The program is then uninstalled.


Q: I am trying to type the apostrophe but the program isn't accepting it.

A: To show the apostrophe press the # key on your keyboard.



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