ESS1005 - Select Home Accounts

Q: How do I transfer data from my old PC to my new PC?

A: Copy the folder (and all files within) from the following folder on the old PC to the same folder on the new PC:

Windows Vista, 7 or 8: C:\Users\Public\EZPZ Software\Home Accounts 3

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Public\EZPZ Software\Home Accounts 3


Q: Home Accounts reports it is a 30-day trial, but I purchased it

A: The software installs in a trial mode and needs to be activated to convert it into the full product that you have purchased. Please refer to the reverse side of the box wrapper on which you’ll find the following within the “Installing the program” section:

  • You need to register the program within 30 days installation. To register, choose “Register Software…” from the File menu. The registration key is on a label inside the DVD case


Q: I'm getting data errors in Home Accounts 3.

A: Always make a backup of your data before installing an update in case something goes wrong. To make a backup, use the “Backup data files” option on the software’s File menu.

Please ensure that the Home Accounts 3 program is not open on your computer before installing the update. There is no need to uninstall your current version of Home Accounts 3.

Download and install the update using this link:-

If the link does not work, please copy and paste it into the address field of your Internet browser.  

After installation of the updated version you may find two "Home Accounts 3" shortcuts in your Windows Start menu - one will start the original version and one will start the new version.  The new version will convert your datasets to a new format on first opening a dataset, after this the dataset cannot be opened by the original version of Home Accounts.  Consider doing the following to remove the older shortcut:

  1. First, take a look at the attached screen shot below on which the version number is highlighted in the lower left corner.
  2. Press the “Windows” key to show the Windows Start menu.
  3. Type the following, the cursor will be in the correct place by default:
  4. Assuming that Windows then lists at least two “Home Accounts 3” entries – click on the top one and look at the “splash” screen that appears briefly as the software loads to look for the version number shown above – if it reads “3.05.04” you will be able to open the updated dataset(s).
  5. Close the Home Accounts 3 software and repeat the above trying each “Home Accounts 3” shortcut found in sequence until you know which work and which do not – then repeat steps 2+3 but right-click on the entries you now know don’t work and select either “Delete” or “Unpin from Start” to remove the entries that don’t work.


Q: I've lost my password for Home Accounts

A: Log in with the following to access all data settings:-  

user: ECHOZULU / PASS: papazulu



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