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Q: I can't uninstall this program

A: We have an uninstaller tool that will uninstall the program from your PC.

Please download our uninstaller toolon the following link:-

Click here to download the uninstaller tool

Save the file on your desktop, then double click it to start. You will be presented with a long list of programs. Click the entry for your program, then click Next and follow the prompts through to completion.

The program is then uninstalled.


Q: How do I build a custom sheet of labels.

A: Below you will find the instructions on how to build your own label paper template within the program, if you are unable to find your labels in the preset lists.

1. Open the program, and start a new design.
2. Select ‘Print Preview’ at the top of the page.
3. On the right hand side, select the ‘Generic’ paper manufacturer.
4. Click ‘New Paper’.
5. Again on the right hand side, click ‘Add Label’.
6. Set the dimensions of the paper as follows.
• Label Width –
• Label Height –
• Label Left –
• Label Top –
7. Un-tick the option ‘Keep label aspect ratio’.
8. Click the ‘Make Copies’ button.
9. In the following window, insert the following dimensions.
• Left Margin –
• Top Margin –
• Horizontal Spacing –
• Vertical Spacing –
10. Click ‘Ok’.
11. At the top of the window, click ‘Save Paper’, and then name it however you wish, and then click ‘Exit’.
12. Select your new template from the right had side.
13. Once this is all done, click on ‘Design Mode’ at the top of the window, this will bring you out of ‘Print Preview’.
14. You can now design your label.




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