My Netbook Screen Resolution is 1024x600, My software says it needs at least 1024x768

If your Netbook has a maximum resolution of 1024x600 (i.e. 1024 dots across the screen and 600 dots down the page) then you might find problems with some of our titles.


Resolution Method 1: Get around this is to plug an external monitor onto your netbook and configure this to the higher resolution In Windows, right click on your desktop and select Properties and then Settings, or just select Screen Resolution in Windows 7.


Resolution Method 2: Use a special bit of software from the manufacturer of your netbook so that it emulates 1024x768 by allowing the additional height of the screen to scroll up and down when necessary.


ACER Netbooks: Use the A1CTL utility to toggle 1024x768 and choose to either down-scale the screen or scroll up/down when your mouse nears the top/bottom of the screen.

Samsung Netbooks: Use the Samsung Easy Display Manager to change to the necessary 'Virtual' resolution.

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