How do I get the software onto my Netbook?

Netbooks, by design, are small compact devices that readily rely on an Internet connection or USB device to put software onto their disks. Many of our customers purchase our CDs or DVDs and then want to run them on their netbook.

Whilst at this stage we don't support the transfer of our CDs onto a netbook we have provided some guidance on how to do so.


Resolution Method 1: Simply buy an external DVD-ROM drive for your netbook and plug it into your USB port.

Resolution Method 2: This method won't work for our copy protected titles.


Use a program called LCISO creator to create a .ISO file (an image of the CD/DVD-ROM) using a computer with a CD/DVD-ROM drive. Once you have this ISO file, copy it to your netbook using either a network or a USB stick.

Next, on the Netbook download and install a program called POWERISO which will create a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive.  Once POWERISO had been installed, locate the ISO file, right click on it and choose to mount it as a drive.

Once the ISO file has been mounted the drive will be visible on the system as a drive letter with the disk in the drive.



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