Checking your Graphics Card compatibility

To check what graphics card you have…

1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press R

2. Type in DXDIAG and click OK. If a question appears, click Yes, otherwise you should see a ‘DirectX Diagnostic Tool’ box.

If the name is Intel or SiS or VIA and the ‘Graphics’ line on the back of the box specifies it needs a certain amount of ‘MB’ then your graphics card is not compatible with the game

On a laptop PC there is no way around this, on a desktop PC you would need to contact the System Manufacturer or your local PC store for upgrade advice.

  • If the name is Nvidia click here or if it says ATI click here to download the latest drivers for your graphics card.
  • If after updating the drivers for your Nvidia or ATI card it has not resolved the problem, follow steps 1 and 2 (above) then click SAVE ALL INFORMATION then click SAVE. This will create a text file called DXDIAG.TXT and place it on your Windows desktop.

    You need to attach the DXDIAG.TXT file to an e-mail and send it to us. Our email address is of you can use the contact form. Please remember to include which game you have and a full description of the problem in the e-mail.


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    Quientin Wadman

    I was not warned that as I have a Laptop, the DVD ROM might not be compatible.
    I am a Serif IT customer of long standing, so I will contact them by phone when they are open.