Download Remote Help tool for MAC


  • Please follow the instruction with the technician on the phone.
  • Choose to either download or run the '' file which is offered to you.
  • Once downloaded, look inside the zip file and run the main program.
  • The very small utility will be installed onto your MAC that will help us fix your problem by allowing them permission to see what's on your screen.
  • Once installed, let the technicican know 'Your ID' and 'Password' which is displayed on your screen.
  • With additional permission we will use the secure connection to control your PC.
  • You can either stay on the phone with us whilst we work on your machine or you can hang up and sit back and watch us.
  • When we have finished we will disconnect from your computer. You will get a message stating that we have disconnected.
  • Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to re-connect without you running the program again and you providing us with a new password.
  • Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to see your screen or access your computer.
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