ESS613 - Select Web Design Studio Second Edition

Q: Why do I get the error ?Failed to Create Pict - Retval 1?

A: You have most likely got an invalid hot spot, which has a width or height of 0.

Revise your hot spots individually using the hyperlink manager (select Tools>Hyperlink Manager) and if you come across any with a width/height of 0, either Delete it and recreate it, or increase the width/height using the Change Bar.


Q: Can I change the names of web pages?

A: You can change the names of the web pages and the names you enter will appear in the title bar of your browser when people view your site. 

These names will also appear in the drop-down menu when you add a hyperlink to a page in your document.  

Use the ‘File’ menu to access your ‘Web Site Properties’. On the Page tab enter the title you require. You will need to be on other pages to change the names of them as you cannot change all page names from the same place.


Q: Why are my web pages left-aligned?

A: The reason for the effect is that the software encodes the web site into HTML version 4 and 5 that use 'absolute positioning'.  This means that all components will be given an (x,y) coordinate where the top left corner is the (0,0) position - any items placed 100 pixels from the left will always be 100 pixels from the left. You will need to use File and Page Setup to change the publication width to match your screen resolution to give you the full width on the final output.

There is no resolution apart from editing the HTML once you've performed a 'Publish to Disk Folder' action, but this is not convenient since you will have to redo the edit every time that you change anything in your document. If you want the code though it is available by a quick Internet search and a regular topic of conversation on our own forums.


Q: How can I make best use of my hyperlinks? What are hot spots?

A: There are many different types of hyperlink that are used in different ways.

Hyperlinks can be added when you have an image selected or some text. When you insert a hyperlink you have four options:

1. An Internet Page; you can give an address for a new website to open.

2. A Page In Your Publication; you can select to link to another page in the current document.

3. An Internet Mail Address; these links will open up a blank e-mail with the given address already entered as the recipient.

4. A File On Your Hard Disk; this is where you'd link to a file to be downloaded.

Some software versions have a check box for the file to be embedded, this is the difference between the link connecting to your hard drive or the file being uploaded with the rest of your web site.

If you want to apply a hyperlink to part of an image (someone's face on a group photograph, for example) then you should use a Hot Spot to draw a region for your hyperlink to take effect. The same four hyperlink types will be available to you.


Q: How can I customise the Colour Schemes?

A: The Colour Schemes are used primarily to give a universal look to a document that with adjustment will allow you to adjust your whole document in one go. This is best put to effect in a web site and also allows you to set the background graphic and link colours.

To edit a Colour Scheme (or create your own) simply select Scheme Manager from the Tools menu.

On the Custom panel you can set up the five colours used throughout your document, providing that you use the first five colours (numbered as such) on the Attributes panel of the StudioBar.

The Web Colours panel on the Scheme Manager will allow you to set the colours for Hyperlinks in standard and visited modes. You can also set up your background colour or image on this screen.


Q: How do I select an image as my background in my web publication?

A: Go into 'Tools' then 'Scheme Manager' then 'Web Colours', tick 'Detach web colours from colour scheme' and tick 'Picture background'. From here you can browse to the directory that contains your picture.


Q: I need an image as my background but it leaves an unsightly gap on the far right of the page, what am I doing wrong?

A: You probably need to insert the image as a background - go to 'Tools' then 'Schemes Manager' and click on the ‘Custom’ tab. Now put a tick in picture background and browse to the appropriate directory and select the image you want. Now click on 'Save Scheme' and press 'Ok' - it should prompt you to replace the colour scheme, at which point you should click ‘Yes’. You should find that the image is tiled as a background when you preview in the browser.


Q: I would like to step up my page so that my links appear in a separate browser window, how do I do this?

A: You need to make a simple modification to the Source Code of your web site. Publish the site to a disk folder, preview it in the browser and go to 'View' then 'Source' (in Internet Explorer). This will show you the Source Code. You need to look for your Hyperlinks on the page - they will look something like this: Serif You need to insert a 'Target' attribute after the hyperlink address Serif This will tell the browser to open the hyperlink in a separate window. Once you have added the attribute simply save the document.


Q: The software is asking for a registration number

A: To obtain the registration number, you need to phone Serif on the freephone number on the screen - 0800 3761989 or by visiting:


Q: How do I uninstall the program?

A:We have an uninstaller tool that will uninstall the program from your PC.

Please download our uninstaller tool on the following link:-

Click here to download the uninstaller tool

Save the file on your desktop, then double click it to start. You will be presented with a long list of programs. Click the entry for your program, then click Next and follow the prompts through to completion.

The program is then uninstalled.




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