ESS1036 - Trainz Simulator FAQ's

Q: My TRAINZ Simulator 'Special Edition' Serial Number/Product Key is rejected

A: The TRAINS Serial Number/Product Key (which you must enter at after registering ) is in the following format:   ATRZ-????-????-????-????-????

Where each "?" in the above is either an UPPER CASE letter or a decimal digit.

If the number printed on the sticker inside your TRAINZ box includes an extra "-" character within the groups of 4 characters please omit it when entering the serial number at the website above. 

So, if your sticker shows:

ATRZ-1234-ABCD-56-78-EFGH-JKLM then enter ATRZ-1234-ABCD-5678-EFGH-JKLM

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